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The NF2 Cure - Still Waiting

Author: Lori Davila
Date: 07/31/14

For anyone who is looking for something that will; definitely stop, definitely shrink, definitely prevent the creation of more tumors in a person with NF2 who has VS or other tumor forms and locations, there is none. There are however options to potentially help slow tumor progression down.

There are chemotherapy type treatments in NF2 Clinical Trials not approved because none has worked well enough yet. Even Avastin, the longest standing clinical trial helps some people and not others and when it does work it does not work for more than a few years.

The botanicals have not gone further than mice trials because at best they offer stability. Three that offer that are; 1 - Boswellia (Indian Frankincense), 2 - CAPE Propolis and 3 - Curcumin (Indian Spice: Turmeric).

  1. Boswellia. Actual appropriate does is not known for Boswellia. If nothing else it immediately reduces some swelling and helps regain blood flow to nerves encapsulated with tumors.
  2. CAPE Propolis. The only CAPE Propolis source that might work is the one linked to the NF2 Information and Services website. They will tell you dose based on weight. No one knows if BIO 100 is as effective as BIO 30, BIO 30 was the one in the trial. The reason the source is important for this is the flower the bees make honey from is only accessible enough at the one source.
  3. Curcumin. Curcumin has a bioavailability issue, not enough can be absorbed in just food and even in pill form needs to be taken the same time as an oil substance, something like fish oil or olive oil. But Curcumin is also claimed to help increase effectiveness in chemotherapies for other forms of Cancer.

Remember I am not a doctor and the information I am sharing is to the best of my knowledge and should be followed up in other ways as well. There are citations on the website, but you may wish to read more research papers and definitely talk to NF2 doctors.

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