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1. NF Timeline

The history of NF is complicated and the development of genetic testing was needed for researchers to realize that there are in fact three forms, but this fact is not even commonly known today by all doctors since NF is rare and in some cases not even identified at all. The results are a common issue of inaccurate diagnosis of the wrong NF form and individuals not receiving the proper testing for treatments needed.

2. NF2 Transcripts and Videos

Watch and read medical developments from NF2 doctors. Learn what treatments people with NF2 have opportunities to gain access to for better quality of life.

3. Survey - Complete: Avastin Community Study

4. Trusted Research Sources

5. Unanswered Questions

There is no cure for NF2. With each fact learned in research and each new treatments to manage some issues are made, it leaves patients, doctors and researchers asking even more questions. This link includes some of the newer questions about NF2, in hopes researchers will focus on these concerns in further treatment development or that doctors will answer questions during NF seminars or papers.

6. Medical Documents

The Medical Documents link is a collection of the sources used to build the NF2 Information and Services website. Since research developments can change facts on any page in up to date sources, new sources are constantly being reviewed to be included and update facts.

7. Science Education

Facts that will be included with the Science Education facts include; Neurology, Oncology, Otology, and Genetics. Knowledge of what will be included in this section are to help people with NF2 have a better understanding of science to help ask better questions when seeing doctors.

1. Neuron (Nerve Cell)

2. Gene Therapy (Synthetic Merlin)

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