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Importance of Fundraisers for NF

There is no cure for NF2. There is yet to be a medication that will shrink all 3 NF2 tumor types (Schwannomas, Meningiomas and Ependymomas) that are found in individuals with NF2. The tumor types that have shrunk from medication have only been effective up to a certain percentage. But the medications do not even work for everyone.

Fundraiser Ideas

  1. Theme Parties
  2. Garage Sale
  3. Bake Sale
  4. Car Wash
  5. Pancake Breakfast
  6. Potluck Dinner
  7. Art & Wine Party
  8. Sports Viewing Party
  9. Bingo Night
  10. Movie Night
  11. Dress Down/ Jeans Day
  12. Bowling Outing
  13. Yard Games
  14. Casino Night

Fundraiser Tips from Rebecca

  1. Commitment - Make a commitment and decide in your mind to stick with it! Mine is an actual financially bound contract I agreed to.
  2. Goal - Set a goal, mine is a minimum that I agreed to - for a charity slot it is $600 for half marathon and $1000 for a full.
  3. Deadline - Have a deadline to request donations to be submitted by, the deadline should be stated in your campaign email letter.
  4. Fundraiser Page - Create a fundraising page if that is an option. Personal stories / connections to your cause are always more attractive to donors. Always include an interesting or applicable photo to draw people in. The photo catches their eye and entices them to read more. Remember people are really busy and will give your page a 2 second look over to see if it is worth their glance.
  5. Be to the point! - I have a difficult time with this one because I can be wordy. You don't want to make your letters too long or too uneasy on the eyes which will result in a great percentage of pass overs. People don't want to be bored. Again they are really busy. So just stick to what is important and words that will grab them. I like to highlight and make the sentence requesting for a donation a different color and maybe even font standing alone.
  6. Personal Campaign Letters -
    • Make a personal campaign letter and send it to ALL the contacts in your address book. Since I have been working the fundraising sector for a number of years, I pay a monthly fee for a service allowing me up to 500 contacts in an email marketing program (constant contact).
    • You should write a new letter every week and send it out midweek (wednesday) as that is statistically the time of highest readership (Monday is too busy with people getting back into the swing of the work week, Friday people are ready to close down their brains and eyes for the weekend, and of course the weekend is self explanatory).
  7. Pictures - Pictures I feel make an impact and can show what NF2 does, sometimes better then words.

Other Charities to Donate to

CTF, Children's Tumor Foundation, helps to organize events for funraising for NF and donates a large amount of money regularly to NF trials. For a complete listing of Charaties to potentially donate or raise funds for, visit: HERE

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