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Coverage Assistance

Government Organizations and NF Charities for medical coverage and research.

Terminology for Programs you might be eligible for at some period of time, to look further into.

  • SSI and SSD
  • After complete bilateral hearing loss is developed, we qualify for SSI (Social Security Income) or SSD (Social Security Disability). If you have worked for over 5 years and paid out a certain amount towards Social Security during that time you qualify for SSD, which has additional benefits over SSI. This leaved opportunities for medical coverage as well.

  • FMLA
  • FMLA, Family and Medical Leave Act, is 12 weeks of job-protected, is unpaid leave of absences from work, during any 12 Month period of time. This covers us to have medical treatments we need. This also allows individuals to take time to help care for children and spouses.

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