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Hearing and Vision Options

Last Updated: 03/28/17


  1. Free Interpreter Service
    American Hospitals
  2. Hearing Loss Communication Options
  3. Vision Loss Communication Options
  4. RIT - Rochester Institute of Technology
    Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  5. Support Dogs for Deaf or Blind
  6. Deaf Resources
    • Deaf Education
    • Learning ASL Online
    • Deaf Social Networking
    • Products for the Deaf and HOH
    • Services for the Deaf and HOH
    • Caption Services
    • Deaf Advocates

While different levels of hearing and vision issues can occur for different reasons for people with NF2, many things can be done to live with these things. There are different methods of communication for the deaf or blind or both, even if adjustment to loss of either may take some amount of time.

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