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Never Give Up

You need to fight to stand without falling, before you can walk.

You need to walk before you can run.

You need to walk on flat surfaces before you can walk on grass or uneaven sidewalks.

You need to walk on grass before climbing a mountain or a wall.

More importatnly you need to never give up.

Never Give Up!!!

Never Give Up!!!

Never Give Up!!!

Never Give Up!!!

Author: Lori A. Davila

NF2 Fighters - Chosen to be Gladiators

We need to stay positive and upbeat, but we need to balance that with reality.

We have been chosen as Gladiators - okay, that's not realistic for the times but just roll with the metaphor... ;)

Only the best fighters were chosen as Gladiators. We are strong, willful and intelligent enough to have been selected and thrown into the stadium. 

Now, it's up to you. Are you going to just stand there looking at the sky, pretending that you are somewhere else while never raising your shield or weapon or even your defiance against whatever they pit against you.

OR are you going to yell in defiance, charge into every battle, feel each grain of sand beneath the balls of your feet, soak up the sun that beats down upon your back, fight until you can no longer raise your weapon then raise it again anyway, savor every torturous pain they inflict because you know you're still alive! 

Which character would you rather hear about? Which would you rather be? Which WILL you be? 

I have NF2! It's not pretty, it's not fun, it's a constant battle! But I'll be damned if I'll let it conquer my spirit! 

Denying it or calling it different names won't change it. 

Acknowledging it doesn't make me weaker! 

In fact, admitting that I have it and what that means for the present and the future only makes me STRONGER! 

Just because you admit you have a disease doesn't make you a whiner - it's HOW you admit it - do you whine & bitch & moan or do you say, "Yes, I have a medical condition but I'm certain that I LIVE my life with more PASSION because I am more aware of what it means."

I AM a Gladiator, I'm in the arena, I've fought many battles and though I'm weary and stumbling I will stand against whatever is thrown at me and yell in defiance, 


Author: Wendy Van Wouw

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