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Many Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) groups are available on Facebook and Yahoo. Groups with names that say Neurofibromatosis, typically include a larger population of people with NF1, for better connectivity to more on NF2, the NF2 groups are ideal.

Most NF2 groups are closed groups, except for the NF2 Information and Services group, but most with NF2 are in multiple groups and will help others find the NF2 specific groups.

  • NF2 Gatherings - Learn about events you can attend and ways to meet others dealing with NF2.
  • Fundraiser Events - Marathons and other forms of fundraisers which help support the cause for a cure for NF2.
  • Medical Conference Discussions - Events for conferences are available worldwide, but for those of us who can't attend, group discussions on what we missed, like new developments, can be heard about in our groups.
  • Medical Issue Discussions - What are your concerns? How are you coping? What have you done to manage different situations? Share your experiences and hear from others about what they did to learn things you can talk to your doctor about for prevention and best management of your situation.
  • Hear About Different Doctors and Treatments - Feel more confident about treatments by getting referrals from others who have been treated for the same issues you might need to face.
  • Friendships and Support Basis - When you share your checkups with your Neurologist, after your MRI, your friends will be waiting to hear how you do. They will be here for you and wishing you the best. We understand the worry you face, because it's our turn soon enough.
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