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NF2 BioSolutions

NF2 BioSolutions

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NF2 BioSolutions: Supporting Gene Therapy Research for Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2).


Non-Profit - Charity


We are a non-profit organization seeking a cure or preventative treatment for NF2 by vigorously supporting and advancing existing and next-generation biomedical technologies, such as gene therapy and immunotherapy; this could include sponsorship of research and development of therapies.


We envision a world where those living with NF2 will have access to cutting-edge solutions to live full and productive lives, free from daily physical and emotional pain or suffering.

Treatment: AAV-P0-ASC

Destruction of Schwannoma tumors individually with a genetic treatment in early mouse trial of AAV-P0-ASC.
- April 30, 19

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