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Date: November 2015

Possible "Healthy" Food Issue

blueberries, Antioxidants, cup

The National Cancer Institute in the article ' Antioxidants Accelerate the Growth and Invasiveness of Tumors in Mice,' shared "Evidence from two new studies in mice shows that Antioxidants-dietary supplements commonly used in the belief that they may help prevent disease-may actually promote tumor growth and metastasis."

"The new findings, authors from both studies said, suggest that cancer patients and people with an increased risk of cancer should avoid taking antioxidant supplements."

Some foods are said to be better than others for tumor prevention, but what this may mean when we are prone to tumors or have tumors already may be another matter as explained in a link from the National Cancer Institute about Antioxidants. But did the mice only have an issue because of the concentrated amount? Unknown

The following listing may be foods you may wish to not eat in excess if you are prone to tumor development.

Antioxidant List: