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Author: Lori Davila
Date: April 15, 2016


Meditating has been proven to do many things including increasing their ability to think and control anxiety. Some advantages are possible immediately following the first use of Meditation, but some of the advantages are possible after long-term use.

Immediate use of Meditation can be used to temporarily relieve symptoms of; pain, depression, anxiety , and is helpful with many health issues. Meditation can also be a helpful thing to do before exercise, or even physical therapy and is commonly done before doing yoga, to help make it easier to do different poses as many poses for Yoga help build balance. Today, Yoga itself is commonly included in physical therapy and is often a complicated addition since the meditation is rarely included as a part of physical therapy.

While there are immediate advantages, long-term use of medication use can permanently lower the portion of the brain associated with anxiety and fear.

Meditation is a clearing of the mind, thinking nothing of; 1) the past, 2) what the future might be, or 3) what is happening now. Most common method is to close eyes, simply think of breathing only and can be done standing, lying down, or sitting on the floor or a chair.


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