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Endostatin (Endostar™)

Last Updated: 02/16/18

Synonyms: DB11727, Endostar, Endostatin, N-terminal-MGGSHHHHH
Pharmaceutical Company: Unknown
Legal Status: ℞ - Prescription/Pre-Clinical Trial
Tumor Target: Schwannoma and Solid Tumors
Protein Target: bFGF/FGF-2 and VEGF
NF2 Trials Active, Not Recruiting: NCT02104323

Endostatin: A protein which inhibits the formation of the blood vessels that supply tumours.

In-vitro studies have shown endostatin blocks the proliferation and organization of endothelial cells into new blood vessels. In animal studies endostatin inhibited angiogenesis and growth of both primary tumors and secondary metastasis.


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