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Cranial Nerve 10 - Vagus Nerve

Last Updated: 05/19/21

Pneumogastric Nerve

Cranial Nerve 10 is the Vagus Nerve. Due to the muscles this nerve controls tumors along this nerve can be cause serious consequences if not watched and handled properly if this nerve starts showing any signs of weakness.

Function of the Vagus Nerve includes:

  • Muscle Control: Muscle control that controls heart rate, sweating, esophagus and digestion, as well as many involuntary muscle movements in the mouth, including speech and breathing.
  • Sensory Control: Feeling in the ear canal.

Esophagus damaged can be managed with nose or abdomen tubes.

  • Nose Tube (NG Tubes or NJ Tubes): Is a tube that goes from a nostril to the stomach or directly to the intestines. This is a short term option, good for less than one month.
  • Abdomen Tubes aka Gastric Tube (G Tube): Abdomen to the stomach. This is a good long term option.


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