History of Botanicals

In the last two hundred years, there has been amazing advancements in medicine. While for some time, home remedies, called Botanicals or Naturals, that our great-great-grand parents knew to be effective have been ignored. However, in the last decade that has started to change and those remedies are finally seeing labs. They are being tested and tried in hopes to determine if these remedies did what previous generations claimed. Some percentage of them has so far and as they test these remedies, they are being refined and incorporated into newer, stronger and better treatments.

Some of these that are being considered based on not just what we have been told by previous generations, but based on chemical chemistry of each item people have had some success with so far. A few have started to become refined to work better than the initial Botanical.

A problem faced with foods, which is the initial form these were often taken is bioavailability. Bioavailability is the absorption possibility of items we consume. Essentially it is how much of the nutrition in an item that can actually be effective during the digestive process. Therefore herbs like Curcumin in foods is not as effective as it is in pill form, and has taken the next step to be refined into Bio- Curcumin by at least one manufacturer to date, is now even more potent and effective.

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