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Alcohol and NF2

Alcohol and other dangerous substances can cause a state called oxidative stress which destroys brain cells and damage nerve cells.

For people with NF2, there are a variety of additional reasons alcohol can be harmful. While there might be advantages to a daily glass of red wine, since red grapes are Antioxidants in the Resveratrol classification, other forms of alcohol should be avoided or at least only consumed in moderation.

Most people with NF2 have nerve circulation issues. It is more important for us to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Alcohol is known to dehydrate one's body and lead to worse circulation issues.

Poor Circulation

  • Free Radical Suppression - Results in increased rate of tumor growth.
  • Healing Prevention - Slows down or prevents the brains ability to heal after surgery, or trauma from tumor growth.
  • Treatment Blocker - Lowers effectiveness of Chemotherapy or other medications we might be taking to control tumor growth.

Treatment Conflicts

For anyone on Avastin, Lapatinib, RAD001, Propolis, or anything else to slow down tumor growth - It is not a good idea to drink at all. Tumor suppressor medications work by affecting blood flow. Drinking would likely impair the effectiveness of the medication and could result in organ failure. While organ failure and chemotherapy is not uncommon, especially those taken orally, drinking alcohol would likely increase organ failure rate and shorten the length of time we can stay on the medication.

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