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ABI Audiologists

Last Updated: 07/11/18

ABI and CI

Audiologists are specialists who understand how a variety of hearing implants work. This includes Cochlear Implants (CI), but not always all Cochlea Devices. With Neurofibromatosis Type 2, the Auditory Brainstem Implants (ABI) is the Cochlea Devices more commonly required.

Audiologists for NF2 need to know how to MAP (setup) and tune, ABI's as well as CI's.

Hospitals with Auditory Brainstem Implant Audiologists

State Hospital / Treatment Location Contact Information
California House Clinic - Los Angeles Audiologist: Steve Otto
Phone (213) 273-8037
New York NYU Langone Medical Center (NYU) Audiologist: William Shapiro<
Email: William.Shapiro@nyumc.org
Phone: (212) 263-7567
Massachusetts University of Massachusetts General
Partners Healthcare System (MGH)
Phone: (617) 523-7900
Ohio Cleveland Clinic Phone: (216) 445-9409
Texas University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Phone: (214) 648-5475
Alabama University of Alabama Birmingham Phone: () -
Arizona St Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center Phone: (602) 406-3516
Iowa University of Iowa Phone: (319) 356-3574
Kansas University of Kansas Phone: (913) 588-5730
Michigan University of Michigan Health System Phone: () -
Minnesota Mayo Foundation Rochester Phone: (507) 266-1965
Missouri St. Lukes Hospital Kansas City Phone: () -
North Carolina University of North Carolina Hospital Phone: (919) 966-4131
Ohio University of Cincinnati Phone: () -
Washington Swedish Medical Center Phone: (206) 782-2700
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